The Audio Labs Recording Studio

A full-service production house and recording studio located in Los Angeles on the same street as Disney and DreamWorks.

The four room recording and production facility specializes in music, voice over, podcast, mastering, soundtrack and score creation for labels, online, film and television.

The studio is a mix of both modern and vintage equipment including a Neve 53 series console, Avid digital control surface, full HDX Pro Tools rig, a museum quality vintage instrument collection and tons of world-class microphones and outboard gear. It has a 15’ high 20‘x17’ live room, 17’ x 14’ control room, 6’x7’ vocal iso booth, full bathroom, kitchen, deck bar and outside covered patio area.

All gear subject to availability:


Telefunken ELA M 251 E original early serial #
AKG C24 Mk I original C12 capsules
AKG 414 EB four pattern brass capsule
Neumann U67 original
2 Neumann 184 matched pair
2 Coles 4038 matched pair with stereo bar
2 Violet Amethyst Vintage matched pair
2 Octava Mk-012 01 matched pair
Lauten Eden LT-386 tube 3rd one made
Bock IFet U47
Royer 121 ribbon
Audio Technica 4050
Audio Technica 4055
Audio Technica 4050A
Mesanovic – Model 2S Stereo Ribbon
Beyer 160 Ribbon
2 Beyer M88 TG matched pair
Electro Voice RE-20
Shure Sm7b
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 58
6 Shure SM57
4 Senthhizer 421
AKG D112
American D4TZ salt shaker
American DR 330 Ribbon


1963 Fender Stratocaster (Record Plant GTR)
1950 Fender CS Cunnetto Stratocaster Maple
1993 Fender CS Stratocaster
2004 Fender El Dorado custom Stratocaster
1969 Fender Telecaster (Keef) custom Thinline
1952 Fender Telecaster butterscotch RI
2018 Fender Frankencaster custom Bigsby CE
1931 Gibson Mandolin A style
1965 Gibson 335 stop tail
1969 Gibson SG Custom Lyre
1974 Gibson LP Deluxe gold top P-90
1978 Gibson LP Standard black SD JB
1979 Gibson LP Standard gold top
1994 Gibson LP R9 Murphy 59 Modified JWP
1959 Epiphone Century dog ear P-90
1967 Epiphone Casino
1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean
1966 Gretsch Viking Springsteen
2009 Gretsch LTV Penguin solid brass bridge
1965 Silvertone 1448 with amp in the case
1968 Silvertone Surf
1966 Rickenbacker 330
1968 Rickenbacker 360 12 string
1989 Rickenbacker 330 black
1993 PRS singlecut 10
2010 Airline Baritone Bigsby


1964 Dumble-Ultra Phonix Bassman Custom
1963 Blonde Bassman with matching cab
1964 JMI Vox AC30 top boost
1960 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6160 2×12
1970 Fender Twin Reverb
1978 Marshall JMP 100 Super Lead II fawn
1993 Bogner Ecstasy 101B 7th one made
2015 Morgan PR12 Custom Shop
2019 Morgan JPS15 Sáez Signature Amp

Drums and Percussion:

Gretsch 70’s Custom LTD big set 100 made
22 x 16 virgin T-rod kick
16 x 16 floor tom
8 x 12 rack tom GTS system
Ludwig big 26 kick Chamberlain
Metal trash can drum
Paiste Signature cymbals in many sizes
Gretsch 50’s Round Badge Champagne Snare
Ludwig Black Beauty engraved 5.5 inch
Ludwig 1969 Supraphonic Ludalloy 6.5
Craviotto custom maple 6.5 made by Johnny
Percussion and Shakers for days

Mic Pre’s:

Neve 5452 12 channel 4 buss console
2 Neve 1066 vintage from Windham Hill
2 Neve 1081 vintage from Ocean Studio
2 API 312 vintage Sunset Sound
2 Vintech X73i
2 AEA RPQ ribbon pre eq’s
Skibbe 736-5 Flickinger Sly Stone


2 API 550A EQ
2 API 560B EQ
2 DBX 160 vintage
Urei 1178 stereo compressor
Sta-Level compressor vintage
Tube Tech CL1B compressor
BSS 901 stereo compressor
Bricasti M7 reverb
Radial EXTC
Yamaha 990 reverb
TC G-Force
Sans Amp
2 Tel Rey reverbs – 1 mono 1 stereo
MXR Flanger Doubler
SPL Transient Designer
DBX 120x subharmonic synth
Lexicon Vortex
TC Electronics Clarity M 5.1


Dynaudio BM15A powered
Tannoy Gold ML crossover Manley Cab
Yamaha NS-10M & Auratones
Yamaha, Bryston and Crown Amps
Dangerous Monitor ST
LAVRY converters A/D and D/A

Acoustic and Bass:

1929 Martin 000-21 pre-war steel braced
2001 Martin D-42 Brazilian black
2003 Martin D-18 Golden Era
2004 Martin D-18 Golden Era
2001 Martin J12-15 12 string Mahogany
1931 Gibson Mandolin Style A
1997 Gibson CS Hummingbird
1993 Gibson J180 Jeff Bridges
1975 Guild D25 Nashville strung
2004 Hofner HM 88 Classical

1965 Hofner Club
1973 Fender Musicmaster
1996 Fender Jazz SD
1986 Yamaha BB5000 5 string
2003 Lakeland Duck Dunn Jazz P
2016 Sire Marcus Miller V7
2017 Gretsch Jet 2

1958 Rickenbacker double neck lap steel
2004 Harmos Robert Randolph lap steel
1972 Gnawa Guimbri/Santir

1928 National Tricone square neck
1936 National Singlecone round neck
1958 Kamaka gold label soprano uke
1993 Kamaka custom tenor


1898 Mason & Hamlin Pump Organ
1963 Vox Continental organ
Kurzweil K2000R
Arturia Mini Brute
Omnishpere 2, Keyscape, Rev, Signal, Pianoteq 5 etc.

Pro Tools HDX with approx 300 plug ins

I won’t get into pedals, but it’s fair to say we have a plethora

The Audio Labs