Wes Dooley and the staff here in Pasadena have always been a huge help with my many ribbon microphones and the fantastic custom mic preamps that power them. True craft.
Bob Dixon is the go-to man here in L.A. for all my vintage amp repair. He’s been an invaluable source of information on my amp tone quest.
Reinhold and the fine folks at Bogner have always kept my prized early Ecstasy and other amps pumping out pure joy. No, you can’t buy it back!
For decades Colin has brought his focused lens, artistic sensibilities and brotherly love to so many of the projects and pictures that are found here.
Mike and his Canadian pals have always gotten me great, fun, stringed-instruments that live outside the box. How boutique builders should be.
From the beginning Sean and Izotope have provided me so many tools that I just wouldn’t want to work without.
The only guy who’s ever called me after a purchase and actually returned my money because he likes what I do. What fantastic pickups from a guy who cares.
Joe has been building and customizing my amps since the beggining and has never once let me down. When I really need something, it’s here overnight without question. Bourbon’s on me, friend!
Maggie and the Soundtoys designers have always been so supportive and creative with making tools that work like the hardware I love. Great people running a company with passion.
Eric is a class act who never fails to pass his love for sonic greatness on to the players he supports. A working man who cares and loves what he does.
Always OWR to us but these rooms, Rob and the staff run one of the best studios on the planet. Yeah, I said it.