What do you charge for services?

The hourly rate is dependent on the work being done and is handled on a project-to-project basis. Longer projects can be negotiated for a discount. We handle a variety of services and do our best to satisfy every budget.

How should I send files?

For larger projects it’s often helpful to get a drive in advance, but most projects can be sent via WeTransfer, DropBox, Hightail, etc.

How does payment work?

There’s a 50% deposit of total work due 10 days in advance of sessions. 25% of that fee is non-refundable, if canceled less than 72 hours from the start date. The final 50% is due at the delivery of the final mix, prior to revisions. Paypal payments can be made to james (at) theaudiolabs (dot) com, but cash is always encouraged.

Is there information on how I should send you a session?

Yes, there is. Thanks for asking. I work in Pro Tools, so I will need; a Pro Tools session, or time-aligned audio tracks ready to import. Click below for a helpful pdf file that explains the best way to get your sessions ready.

What’s delivered when mixing?

The mix rate includes a Master Mix, Vocal Up, TV Mix (No Lead Vocal) and an Instrumental Mix. Each mix gets 2 free revisions. Extra revisions will be charged an hourly rate and stems can usually be provided for an additional charge per song.

Will you play on my project?

If I’m the right guy for the part, then usually yes. But please kindly check with me in advance for more information. Thanks.

Is my session too big?

If you’re asking, the answer is most likely YES. Nothing against big sessions, but lower track counts and organized sessions usually lead to a better end product and less expense. Make decisions and put the songs first.


What’s your favorite tool
In the studio?

The Artist and the mute button. The Neves sound pretty good though.

Who’s the most talented musician you’ve ever worked with?

Prince was unreal.

What’s the craziest session you’ve ever done?

I’ll say Jerry Lee Lewis and Neil Young with Keltner and Ringo playing drums together. Guitars with Jimmy Page is an honorable mention, as well.

What’s your favorite instrument?

It should be my '63 Record Plant Strat or my 1927 Martin; but my '68 Telecaster was my first crush in 10th grade, and I just can’t shake her.

Favorite Amp?

The Dumble Ultra-Phonix ’64 Bassman. Howard worked with me on building it for almost a year and I had to fight him and a few others to get it back.

How cool is Bob Clearmountain?

Nicest guy ever… and a good skier, too.

How much fun was it to play in Porno For Pyros?

More fun than I can really admit to publicly.

Any advice for up and coming guys and gals?

Be humble. Learn from people who are better than you. Never be late or underprepared. The music is more important than your ego. Learn from your mistakes but don’t be afraid to make them. Don’t ever give up. Use your ears and save your money.